Title: Brilliant and Commonplace

Author: redconverse

Word Count: 5714

Rating: M

Summary: Living with Sherlock Holmes was, John thought, easily one of the more complicated affairs in his life.

He meant to say, ‘wait, we have to talk,’ let the two of them calm down and be sensible so he could go in to the usual what-to-expect-when-you’re-expecting-John-Watson’s-pants-to-come-off speech.” Sweet, funny, hot smut. I really liked how banter-y and in-character this was. 


Title: Fonder, In Absence

Author: scullyseviltwin

Word Count: 10754

Rating: PG-13

Summary: It’s a Tuesday morning, eleven months afterward. John has begun counting days as though Sherlock has set time, has set a brand new calendar. And how morbidly amusing, that the man still dictates even the most mundane aspects of his life. He’s more than aware that it’s incredibly unhealthy that his brain works in this funny way but knowing isn’t going to stop him from continuing on in that manner, so… so…Her name is Maribeth and she’s…she’s something.

Written pre-S3. I love Mary in this and her relationship with John. 


Title: It’s Not All Fine

Author: pennypaperbrain

Word Count: 1874

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Prompt: How Sherlock copes with being bipolar. The fill itself is a bit more like ‘Five times Sherlock ignores his bipolar and one time it whaps him so hard he has to take notice.’

Nice friendship fic. I liked the prose a lot and thought pennypaperbrain did a great job of expressing Sherlock’s thought processes.


Title: Mise en Place

Author: azriona

Word Count: 161004

Rating: M

Summary: John Watson had no intentions of taking over the family business, but when he returns from Afghanistan, battered and bruised, and discovers that his sister Harry has run their restaurant into the ground, he doesn’t have much choice. There’s only one thing that can save the Empire from closing for good – the celebrity star of the BBC series Restaurant Reconstructed, Chef Sherlock Holmes.

I freaking loved this fic. Sherlock as a Gordon Ramsay-type television personality, John as a vet struggling to keep his family’s restaurant afloat, wonderful secondary characters, delicious food descriptions—what more is there to ask for?


Title: Sleuth Wood

Author: aderyn

Word Count: 1393

Rating: PG

Summary: John comes up the steps with the baby strapped to his chest. For now, in this universe far from careless, you’re still here.

"John holds her next to his heart, with secret and dogtag, bullet wound and time." Lovely little fic about John, Mary, Sherlock and the baby. 


Title: All Hearts are Broken

Author: writerfan2013

Word Count: 62947

Rating: (light) R

Summary: John is about to change Sherlock’s life forever. But Sherlock has some changes planned too. Can all the wrongs ever be set right? How do you really know when someone loves you? Especially someone as dark and difficult as Sherlock. 

After John gets married, Sherlock surprises, well, everyone by throwing himself into a passionate and very public relationship with a German celebrity. Angst, introspection and international espionage ensue.  I’m not really sure what to say about this fic, actually, except that I really liked it. I think the best word to describe it is ‘intriguing’. 


Anonymous said: Hi! Do you know any johnlock fanfic more like friendship...? or teenlock? :D I like these more. They seem more real.

Sure! First of all, check out my FriendshipBromance and Teenlock tags. There’s lots of good stuff there! A few of my favorite friendship fics are: 

The Long Drive—“Sherlock, John, and Lestrade on a road trip together, stuck in the same car for hours.”

The World On His Wrist—“First, he is shot in Afghanistan. Second, he wakes to a phone call in Chelmsford, Essex. Third is pain, fourth is normalcy, fifth is agony and sixth is confusion. By the eighth, he’s lost track.”

Share and Share Alike—“Prompt: So, in ‘Two Weeks Notice’ there is a scene where he and Sandra Bullock are having lunch at a restaurant and they go through this little ritual of picking the bits that they don’t like out of each other’s salads. They do it without thinking, like they’ve done it so many times before they don’t even notice. I’d like to see this scene, or something like it, with John & Sherlock. Even if it’s not an established “romantic” relationship - just something that’s so ridiculously couply that they do without even batting an eye.”

It’s Not the Violin—“Somewhere between Alejandro and the fistfight, John Watson became someone Sherlock Holmes would kill for.”

the word turns, nothing is ever new (except the adventures and the sound of that heartbeat)—“‘You’re wondering what happened.’ Holy shit, he sounds just like John remembers. Deep, calm. It’s like nothing ever happened. It’s like everything’s the same as it had always been. Somehow, that’s not okay at all. To collapse time — to erase the past, erase his pains; that’s not okay. Here he stands again, alive, as if things will be the same. As if death can be stared down.”

The Green Blade—“As a serial killer hits the headlines, the police are out of their depth and the next victim is out of time. With faith in Sherlock Holmes at an all time low, this is a case which will push loyalties to the limit.”

Empty Houses—“What’s on here is a body, and that body can be useful to me. If it’s difficult for you to see, then in the future you can wait outside.”

And two great Teenlock fics are:

The Dangerous Book for Boys—“There is already someone sitting at the opposite end of the table, but there are books and slides and petri dishes spread out across the length of it, in all directions. There is an unlaced man’s shoe sitting on the edge. There does not appear to be a foot attached to it.”

That afternoon, there was only you—”And well, here they were now. Swimming in the canal, at Sherlock’s whim. John would always indulge him.”



Title: What To Do When Your Flatmate Is Homicidal

Author: hyacinth_sky747

Word Count: 58650

Rating: M

Summary: Sherlock takes Molly’s advice when dealing with his dangerous flatmate.

Strange and wonderful. Sherlock’s first person narration is the perfect combination of childish, profound, filthy, hilarious, rude and loving. This fic has a unique tone that, honestly, took me a little while to get into. But once I did, I was hooked and read the whole thing embarrassingly quickly.


Title: Through the Clouds

Author: Manzarin 221b

Word Count: 20004

Rating: M

Summary: Sherlock takes a remarkably early retirement at 47, and convinces John that a change of pace would do them both good. They buy an old cottage on the South Downs, and exchange their nonstop life in Baker Street for quiet contemplation, bee studies, and book writing. They might go completely insane, but sometimes it takes stepping outside of the life you’re living to find the life you want.

This is warm and comforting and lovely. I love retirement fics, and this one manages to avoid lots of angst by having them retire young.


Title: A Study in Repression

Author: ElleBrittany

Word Count: 20039

Rating: M

Summary: By a strange turn of events, Sherlock is forced to reconcile his feelings toward his flatmate and confront his addictive nature.

Intense but somehow gentle (and very hot). I loved the angst and the scene with Mycroft in part five blew me away.


Title: Lazarus series

Author: cassyl

Word Count: 3032

Rating: R

Summary: As Sherlock’s falling, he realizes that something’s gone wrong. Luckily, John has a trick or two up his sleeve. “Pushing Daisies” fusion.

Oh, what a great idea for a crossover. This appears to be an incomplete series, but I like where it’s going. John and Sherlock’s reactions to the situation are perfect and the (inevitably angsty) sexual tension is quite enjoyable.


Title: all this longing

Author: belovedmuerto

Word Count: 5067

Rating: M

Summary: It is enough to know that he’s still alive. It’s too much, knowing that he’d been alive the whole time.

I really liked this take on Sherlock and John’s relationship post-Reichenbach. Belovedmuerto did a great job juggling the anger, love, want, fear and hope they experience after Sherlock’s return.


Title: Butterfly

Author: dogpoet

Word Count: 4873

Rating: M

Summary: Sherlock borrows John’s razor, ostensibly for a case. John gets turned on. A misunderstanding ensues. And then a mystery is solved.

Crossdressing fic! This is very hot and wonderfully characterized.


Title: Where I Cannot Find You

Author: withoutawish

Word Count: 22212

Rating: M

Summary: When Hamish is diagnosed with cancer, his parents have two entirely separate ways of coping.

Well, this is heartbreaking. It stuck with me for days after I read it, though—Sherlock, John and Hamish have a fascinating, wonderful relationship and although it’s incredibly sad, it’s also very emotionally satisfying.


Title: Certainty

Author: joolabee

Word Count: 7317

Rating: M

Summary: You can’t kill an idea, can you? Not once it’s made a home. There.

Painful, subtle post-Reichenbach fic about grief, trust and healing.