Anonymous said: Hi! I love your recommendations for Teen!lock. Do you have any university fics that you could recommend to me? Thanks in advance!

Hi! I’m glad you liked the teen!AUs! Here are a bunch of university-centered fics I like. Some are AUs; others are set pre-series. Enjoy!

Mrs. Hudson’s Sweet Shoppe—“Prompt: Sometimes - when funds get really tight and they are left with so little option that even Sherlock has to admit that there might be a problem with the living conditions - Sherlock and John work for Mrs Hudson down in her little sandwich store/bakery/corner shop thing.”

Whirlwind / All That Life Can Afford—“It’s the mid-90s! John meets Sherlock in a club. Sex ensues.”

The Necessity of Atheism—“Sherlock never finished school.”

Gloria Scott, or Why Alone Protects Me—“If it hadn’t been for Victor Trevor, Sherlock might never have (possibilities: survived high school/made it out of uni alive/met John Watson/become a detective/known what happens in a man’s eyes when you bite him on the jaw with enough force to bruise) spent the spring of 2004 (six years before John Watson stormed his life like the beaches of Normandy) sweating out a decade and a half of addiction in a cheap hotel room in Peckham.”

today is your day in the well—“How John Watson falls into crisis, climbs back up, and befriends the strange 3 am violin-playing recluse living next door.”

Advanced Chemistry—“Sherlock knows that anyone stupid enough to put up with his brother’s abusive tendencies is clearly not worth his time. At least, that is until Mycroft turns up for the weekend with his latest boyfriend - a med student called John.”

The Milky Way—“John is a Physics professor. Sherlock has been too busy studying the Chemistry of attraction to acknowledge the elements that form the Solar System.”

White Lines—“Eighteen-year-old Sherlock finds a father figure in Lestrade, even though he would never admit to it.”

licking the bowl clean—“In which Molly meets Sherlock’s dishy significant other, opines on buttercream frosting, and hides in Greg Lestrade’s bathroom from Irene Adler. Or possibly with.” (Well, this one’s an academia AU, but it’s it still great.)

Giants—“He’d skip his early classes, and they’d learn how their bodies work.”

The Initial Problem—“21-year-old John Watson, recently invalided home from Afghanistan, begins his first year at university. The student he’s sharing rooms with takes up entirely too much of his time. The only parties he gets invited to are hosted by a would-be dominatrix. Oh, and he’s probably being targeted by a serial killer. At least his life isn’t boring.”

Rhyme—“While investigating a case at Oxford University, John and Sherlock meet two girls whose friendship bears a striking resemblance to their own.” (Not about John and Sherlock at university, but it’s about a murder at Oxford and is just all-around fantastic.)

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